Twistycat is the electroacoustic bass woodwinds brainchild of Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci. The Bass Clarinet and Baritone Saxophone are acoustically related to each individual venue through electroacoustic feedback. The creation of an immediate awareness of space aims to break the antiquated barriers between performance and audience, and realize the innate potential of sound as energy and information. TwistyCat's compositions explore themes such as electronic abstraction of acoustic timbre, the bleed between the senses of sight and hearing, post-industrial dissonances, and radio as a vehicle for displacing sound. TwistyCat has performed at many venues and events in the Northeast, including the Darmstadt Festival at Issue Project Room, Mono No Aware at Galapagos Artspace, The New York Underground Film Festival at Anthology Film Archives, Roulette Intermedium at Location One, free103point9, and the Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Mark’s Church. TwistyCat was the 2009 recipient of Roulette Intermedium’s Emerging Composers’ Commission

UPCOMING May 2012:

"Controlled Burn" Compact Disc from Peira Records Edition of 100


New Limited Edition Cassette "Solar Plexus" from Obsolete Units.

Ultra Low Frequency Object on Obsolete Units

Split with Grasshopper on Abandon Ship Records (sold out)

Bore Hole (Sold Out) on Baked Tapes

Megaflora/Megafauna self release, unlimited edition


May 25th, 2012: Issue Project Room Site Specific Performance More info Here

- PAST -

March 31st - Lea solo + with Bradley Eros at the Kitchen, NYC

February 24th: DENSE MESH VII, with Gill Arno + Ben Owen, more TBA. Info HERE

February 14th @ Outpost (Lea Solo) "Mating Dance Ritual" with Alaina Stamatis and Medallion Sinclair

February 4th @ Shea Stadium with Greg Fox, Eola, Maria Chavez, Tom Carter

Friday, January 20th, in Hudson, NY at Spotty Dog 8pm $5 Lea Solo and with G. Lucas Crane. With C. Lavender + Hex Breaker Quartet

Saturday, January 21st, Baltimore MD "Rural Vagrancies" at Mirkwood House 701 E. 33rd St. With Hex Breaker, Jenny Graf, Childe Bride, Charles Dube and films by Marga. RSVP HERE

Sunday, January 22nd, Philadelphia, PA Lea solo at the Green Line Cafe with Tristan Dahn

December 11th, 2011 @ Zebulon With C.Spencer Yeh, more tba. 9pm

December 16th: DENSE MESH VI with Stine Motland/C. Spencer Yeh/Ben Hall, Robbie Lee/Che Chen, Brian Osborne/Ed Bear, Lea Bertucci Solo set. More info HERE

Noveber 15th, 2011 @ Death by Audio with Paul Giallorenzo (moog synth) and Brian Labycz (modular synth, Opponents, Liquid State Bypass trio, and Hexbreaker Quartet

November 18th, 2011 @ Devotion Gallery special transmission set

October 22nd, 2011 DENSE MESH V...Lea solo set at our house. With Charles Dube, Doron Sadja, Max Eilbacher, Tristan Shepherd, and Bob Bellerue. More info HERE

Friday, October 8th, 2011 "Leisure" @ 319 Scholes, Brooklyn NY ..with Toltek, Jeff Donalson, Phil Stearns 8pm $10 RSVP

September 29th, 2011 DENSE MESH IV: Total Development Cost at Ed and Lea's place 1336 Dekalb ave 1st floor Brooklyn NY 11221. With Nonhorse; Sandy Gordon, Tamio Shirashi, Steven Flato, Ed Bear quartet; Optipus more TBA. Curated by Sandy Gordon and Lea Bertucci

September 10th 7-9pm at White Box Gallery 329 Broome St. New York, NY - Lea solo performance. Closing party for "Bushwick in the Box" curated by Microscope Gallery

August 19th, 2011 at Millenium Cinema "Misadventures in Manipulation" as part of the Index Festival ...with Shelley Burgeon, Future Archaeology, and Liz Wendelbo

July 2nd, 2011 - Hacksposium at Flux Factory. Artist Talk (ExiTrip Project) 4pm followed by a transmission performance at 8pm

June 24th 2011 ENDE TYMES FESTIVAL @ Silent Barn RSVP HERE

June 20th 2011 3pm - Twistycat live set on "Afternoon New Music" on WKCR 89.9 fm or WKCR.org

June 11th 2011 - Lea Bertucci Solo site-specific performance at the Queens Museum of Art. More info Here

June 4th 2011 - Musicircus Roulette! Details HERE





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